Get all your sales teams perform like top 1%

SalesHunter is an AI-powered products recommendations tool. Swiss-made and hosted in EU 🇪🇺. Anonymized data only.

Never leave revenues on the table

Never waste time creating offers

Never miss an opportunity to coach your sales team

2 types of recommendations

Our Artificial Intelligence learns customer dynamics and unravel buying patterns within your sales data.

Customer recommendations

We anticipate what are the future needs of your customers through cross-sells analysis.

Order recommendations

We recommend products that complement each other to complete an offer/order

AI-powered chameleon

SalesHunter is built without interface to fit all your sales processes no matter how it is set up. IT department love it ❤️.

Inside sales
Field sales
In-store counter

Eduardo Chova Felix, CEO ChovA

“Never would I have thought that within less than a year my sales team would be able to increase revenues by 10% thanks to AI.”

Revenue increase


Average order value


Conversion rate

Pay as you grow

SalesHunter pricing plan adapts to your team’s usage. We even include a free trial so you can see your revenue increase before any commitment.

Effortless adoption

SalesHunter increases productivity with the same processes, tools & workforces thanks to our seamless integration to your CRM and ERP.

All sales compatible

SalesHunter is designed primarily for easy compatibility and deployment in traditional sales channels, including instore sales, inside and field sales. It can also be deployed to e-commerce and even mobile channels.

Secure by design

In SalesHunter, your data remains anonymous and is securely stored in our servers in Europe. Our application has been certified by one of the best-in-class security agencies.

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